Wash Me Wear Me Bags

We are super excited to report that after quite a while, our super popular Wash Me Wear Me bags are back, with an updated new look! I’m off on my hols on Saturday so mine is all packed and ready to go! Get yours at http://www.laneygreen.com









Has Spring Sprung?

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I’ve been hearing rumours about this happening any day now, and although I’m no longer shivering, and there doesn’t look to be more snow I can’t say I’m over the moon about the grey/wetness that’s taken its place! I did have a glimmer of hope over the weekend, since we were promised figures reaching up to the 20s… Well if you had anything like that congrats, but I saw no such thing!

Still, the BBC and the iPhone and the television weather updates (I check them all, very frequently!) are telling me I’m due some sunshine so it’s time to prepare. So far I have made plans to wash my car, dug out the seeds ready for a weekend of planting applied a very discrete layer of fake tan – it’s still only April and I don’t like to hit my peak deep mahogany until at least May – and got the summer clothes out of storage.

I feel oddly embarrassed about being so keen so publicly, but I really can’t wait for some nice weather. I think we’re all owed it after being good and putting up with SO MUCH SNOW! (I promise to never use the S word again, or at least for another 8 months!)

Have you started planning yet? If you’re looking to launch yourself headfirst into Spring mode visit Laney Green, where you can find loads of flower and veg seeds if you’re looking to get stuck in, as well as items to brighten up your garden and ease you back into outdoor living. Best of all we’ve got some kids gardening sets, so I suggest you buy a hammock, and let them get to work with the weeds!

Have a great weekend, keep your fingers crossed!

The Joys Of Growing Your Own…

And growing your own should be a joy!


I’ve just moved into my first house and can’t wait to get out in the garden, my cupboards are filled with seeds but since I’m impatient and prone to strops I want to see results, and I want to see them quickly.

Just yesterday I discovered Suttons Fast Flowers, which grow in around 6-8 weeks and come in different ranges like ‘Summer Long Flowering Mix’ and ‘Fragrance Flowering Mix’ which I assume means they will smell lovely come summer time, when I can actually sit outside and enjoy it!

As with garden planting, I like to see things happen quickly when planting herbs and veg, so Speedy Veg from Suttons have also good me feeling ready to take on the challenge of growing my own salads, since mine have mostly been coming out of plastic wrappers!

I’m looking forward to trying out these sets, starting with cress that takes one week, Italian leaf salad that grows in three, and radish in four, I just need to get the timings right, then you’re all invited round for a salad, outside in my flower-filled garden!

If you’re also looking for a starting point in growing your own, or you’re well versed in the ways of creating prize winning veg check out the grow your own section on Laney Green, which includes the seeds listed here (and found in my cupboard) to many more advanced planting options!

Let me know how you get on, and if you’ve got any top gardening tips I’d love to hear them!